ETC Innovation is a group of professionals with decades of experience. Employment and projects with well-known companies such as Kendall/Covidien, Smith & Nephew, Dow, Johnson & Johnson, Stryker; and governmental organizations, etc., have prepared us well.

Within our group; product design, development and manufacturing talents are strongly represented. Our contacts, creativity and past successes are extensive.

Our Mission: Provide effective and economical manufacturing scale-up with partners. We deliver product innovation while fostering desirable ‘direct to manufacturing’ economics. 

Our locations include North Carolina and New England. Our supply partners are generally based in the US and Europe. Customers are throughout North America and Europe.

The company utilizes a very impressive list of material development, pilot line and full-scale manufacturing technologies. Much of which was specifically engineered for proprietary projects. In-house antimicrobial bio-lab analysis is available to speed up development cycles.

This is how we operate:

• ETC Medical is a lean and efficient development and manufacturing partner.

• Our experience allows us access to technologies, often from large multinational companies.

• Custom raw materials are made to our specifications. We have custom nonwovens, foam,    film, antimicrobials, and finished assemblies.

• Using these technologies and materials, and experience, we develop      and formulate our products.

• We engineer and build custom manufacturing equipment in many cases.

• We often use patent protection or Trade Secret status.

• We manufacture in-house or via contract manufacturers who are trustworthy and efficient.

• We strive for USA manufacturing and material supply.        This helps with both quality and response time.